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Life coaching can change lives. For those who are ready to make a change and focus on a better version of themselves.

We obsess about our clients’ successes and their experiences. A main factor for success is when the person wants to change and wants to be coached for a particular reason.

We're passionate about results and working with people who are ready to take the next step. We believe that for a person to succeed they need to be open to the change that is coming. Anyone can improve who they are by simply working on their mindset with the assistance of a life coach.

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NDIS Coaching

NDIS Coaching

We Coach is a Life Coaching business that helps NDIS participants get job-ready and find long-term employment. We work with Young Adults who are not sure about their pathway. Women who want to better themselves and thrive and Small & Medium businesses who are ready to launch or have been stuck and not grown.

We do what we say and achieve successes together with our clients.



The impact of COVID-19 made it harder to get a job. There were fewer work opportunities for many Australians, including those with a disability.

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Apply to the NDIS

Apply to the NDIS

Let us explain the NDIS application process so that you can apply in a few simple steps.

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Group Coaching Programs

NDIS Employment Group

6 sessions of 90 Mins to Kick Start your Career

  • Our beginner program includes:
    Coaching questions & support in finding your purpose
  • DISC Assessment (understanding your...

Parents of NDIS Participants

NDIS Family & Carer Support
6 sessions of 90 Mins
Support and Empowerment for Parents of NDIS Participants
Join us for 6 weeks…

Women Empowerment Life Changing Program

We Coach’s Women Empowerment Life Coaching Program will help women find a purpose to their lives and get where they want to by being the best version of themselves...


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